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Loved the hot rock treatment ,coming back in see what else you have up your sleeve.

Vickie A.

 I've tried other massage therapist's before and there is no one that compares. A woman who has been chosen to do the US Open three times, why would you choose anyone else? Her hands are so healing, and she makes you feel so relaxed. So many times I've fallen asleep on her massage table. Her hot stone massage is my favorite!  

Jackie Z.

 Cynthia G. Flesher has been my only massage therapist for the past 10 years! She is always available and also very flexible to work with your schedules. She also keeps up with the latest methods and procedures and is always willing to try new techniques. I always feel relaxed after having a massage and also enjoy the various oils that she has available for the massages!

Juile D.

Cindy gives the best massages with her healing hands, caring heart and kindness that you can feel flowing from her to you. She has the most wonderful oils and has many different massages to offer. As mentioned above she keeps up with the latest methods. She also does body wraps. I can't say enough to express how wonderful Cindy is !!!!!  

Shari L.

I had one of the best massages there that I have ever had!
Amy L.

Thank you Cynthia G. Flesher for the wonderful spa wrap this morning! So relaxing and very excited about my 4.5 inches lost!

Ashley C.

Cynthia is a pleasure to work with. She has taught me how to do a body wrap differently than I've done before, I've attended many events alongside her, and we've worked with each other in many different venues. If you need a great massage, Cynthia is wonderful - you will leave a very, happy person:)

 Beverly C.

Cynthia is very personable and is knowledgeable with her products and services. I had my first massage with her and she explained the process and what it does to help you relax and ways to stay relaxed. I also had her do a Spa Party at my home and again she made it a smooth and great experience.

Jennifer B.

I do not know what you did, but ever since that massage I've been sleeping whole nights (something I haven't done in years) & I haven't had to take a pain pill in 3 days. I have seen you go from massage therapist over these last 7 years to healer.


"She is the epitome of all things good and I constantly look forward to being in her company . My friend , my confidant , my colleague"

H. S.

Thank you! I feel so blessed to have met you with all your insight on autoimmune and the massage was amazing!!

Sara H.

The best in the business! My wife never wanted a massage and after she got one from Cynthia all she can tell people about she truly is amazing.

Albert M.

Thank you for belssing my wife with your awesome services. Your such an amazing lady.

M. Garica

Thank you
for all you do in helping me to feel better physically and
mentally. It is a great honor and privilege to be in your
care and to be able to rest, relax, and recharge. The
compression last time was excellent and felt good. I enjoyed
a deep sleep and felt renewed after. I felt like a new
person. When I left I felt like I was walking on air
completely calm with no stress or tension anymore. My body
was completely relaxed. Thank you for the therapy,
treatment, and help. I am looking forward to this Friday.
Thank you for blessing my life and improving it.
Thank you for your work and all you do. 


I have you to thank for helping me get my health and life back!

S. Hayes

After each massage I am actually able to take a couple steps on my own.

A. Simi

Just wanted to thank you again. I am blessed and happy. Somehow you melted all of my stress and tension away. I did have a lot of tension built up and had some lower and upper back issue a little bit. It is all gone now. I feel like a new person. What I try to do is turn my self over to the therapist, and just try to relax and not fight the body. Just rest and even go into a deep sleep.  Thank you for all you do to help keep me happy and healthy. Have a nice day. :) I lost track of time. 


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"Best Massage I have ever had!! 


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